Ground Control

1. Less Material

Our baseplates are molded to have a minimal footprint on the board’s topsheet when mounted. This shaves weight and allows both the board and binding to have a more natural 360-degree flex pattern.

2. Bumper Corners

We line the bottom rim of the baseplate with a rubber material that acts like a suspension system. The thicker sides and corners absorb vibration, promote flex and cushion landings.

3. Direct Steering

The rubber bumper bushing has less material around the heels and toes for direct edge-to-edge response, smooth power transfer and better terrain feel.

4. Strap Position

Our baseplates offer two easily adjustable strap mounting positions: a higher setting that provides more response and boot hold, and a lower one that offers more freestyle flexibility.

Smart Padding

1. Heel Pillow/Pad

Every baseplate comes stuffed with a fluffy heel pillow for cushioning. It’s like a down pillow for your feet.

2. Pad Positioning

All padding is adjustable to fit the sole size of your boots. As an added performance benefit, the pads can be moved inward to increase toeside response or slid outward to decrease toeside response.

C Pad

C Pads offer plenty of padding and have a slight cant angle inward for better anatomical alignment of your knees, ankles and joints. We highly recommend them for wider, twin and duck-footed stances.

Jib Pad

Jib Pads have a healthy dose of padding under the heels and balls of the feet to soak up flat, hard landings. They also provide the plushest feel in the line.

ST Pad

ST pads offer the ideal balance between response and cushioning for all types of riding.

Snug Straps

1. Tool Free Ladders

Our straps are easy to adjust for fit and riding style and require no tools to do so. The straps simply snap in, as do our highbacks and baseplate padding. No worries of losing nuts, screws or your head, ever!

2. Easy Access

The straps are designed to naturally fall open and out of the way for easy in and out. That means no stepping on straps and less time unstrapping and strapping in and more time riding.

3. Find Your Center

The toe and ankle straps are easy to center for proper boot fit. Just flip open the latch adjustment and strap in to the sweet spot, then lock it down.

Miller Strap

The Miller Straps are flexible, pre-curved, and form fitting to hug the contours of any boot. The perforated mesh makes them more flexible and reduces pinch areas, while the outer strap disperses pressure evenly across the foot. Ideal for freestyle riding and for riders who value flex and mobility.

Eames Strap

Our Eames straps are composed of pre-curved foam wrapped in a durable, leather-style fabric that cloaks any boot in comfort. The additional outer strap helps spread pressure evenly across the instep. These straps suit riders looking for more response, support and comfort.

Solid Support


Our highbacks click in and click-out with ease. Fold them up and down as much as you need to fit in car racks, gondolas, board bags, back seats, buses and under chairlift seats without fear of losing pivotal nuts and bolts.


Our discrete forward lean adjustment at the hinges adds highback angle while still providing a seamless fit with the highback and heelcup. This keeps heel and toe drag to a minimum and power transfer more direct.


We hollow out our highbacks for many reasons. It makes them lightweight. It makes them rigid and responsive where you need heelside support and not where you don’t. It makes them soft torsionally for flexibility. And it gives them a nice carry handle to pick up your board and pack down lips. t the hinges adds highback angle while still providing a seamless fit with the highback and heelcup. This keeps heel and toe drag to a minimum and power transfer more direct.


Why Not Noback?

It’s an imaginary highback! The Noback fills the space between the boot backstay and baseplate heel loop with EVA foam so your boot has a flush fit. This allows for a super surfy feel in powder and bone-breaking tweaks. It’s easy to pop in without changing your straps or stance, and they even fit in your pocket.

Highback Galore

We offer six different highback designs and seven color ways. Each one offers premium padding for comfort and boot hold, and features our signature cutout design that saves weight, ensures maximum heelside support, is torsionally soft for mobility and provides a nice grab handle, too. Pick the shape that best fits your riding.