Your best chance for sponsorship is to start with your local distributor. Ride hard and take photos and video. Once you have REALLY GREAT photos and video then you can approach your local distributor to see if you can get help. The things that will get you there are hard work, great attitude, personality, great style and a huge bag of tricks.

For stickers usually you'd have to send us an envelope with stamps, but to make it faster and simpler we've added sticker packs to the webshop with free shipping. They go fast, so check to see if they are still in-stock here (if they're not in stock on the webshop then we don't have any available, sorry!).

Switchback Bindings have a 2 year limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects. If you have broken something and want to see if it's covered, please check the Warranty page.

Only you know how you ride, so check our part descriptions from the Products page to get a feel for how each part will perform. Remember that you can pick up a performance upgrade or different colour anytime and know it will fit your base.