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Ingo De Temple

“I’m blown away! They both look better in real life and the whole new system, it’s awesome! So good and feels so solid at the same time! Every lock feels more secure also than on my old ones. These are the bomb! Can’t wait to try them out!

And yes, you can get any stance you want in them also by using the two closest inserts, perfect! (unlike Burton Re:flex with no adjustments at all)

But wow, well done guys, these binders are killer!”

Charlie Bulbrook

“I love these! They are lighter and stronger than their predecessors and even more responsive. What a great idea being able to adjust the size of the binding with some less obvious benefits being that if you change your boots they may come up bigger or smaller, it is much more versatile for shops to stock and resale value will be boosted as you don't limit your market to only those with the same size feet as you.

Go grab a pair you won't regret it”


“Been rocking switchbacks for years and the new adjustability will make even better for my friends with wild boot sizes.

Ps. If you haven't removed your highbacks on a pow day, yer missing out.”


“Switchback bindings are so comfy.
Holds your feet down and locks you in.
Straps are great and it just hugs your feet. Toe straps brings the heel right back and the winged highback helps a lot when pressing and engaging turns.”


“Nice Binding, very supportive very easy to adjust "on the fly"
Modular design makes them very customiseable”


“Like you have nothing on your feet. Naked snowboarding”


“Good Responsive!
Ride easy adjustable. perfect.”


“Great feel. Really responsive binding. But most of all really didn't feel like I was wearing any bindings.”

Fat Tony

“Nice Quick adjust binding. Holds solid and nice flex.”


“Good Bindings! Responsive and comfy.”


“The Switchback Sessions are also made for your board.
Responsive and stiff!”


“Nice positive feel.
Good toe strap. Stiff nice to ride. Would recommend”


“Good! Quick to get into.”


“Comfy Binding, wings really hug your boot.”


“A soft and easily adjustable binding. Perfect for park and piste!”


“I've been a die hard Union rider for quite a few years but I decided I got sick and tired of setting up bindings for a certain board only to reset them again when I wanted to use them on another board. I was looking for that set and forget style binding like Old Skool Burton's. I found out about Switchback from a friend and ended up buying a pair when he suggested them. Best choice I ever made too! Switchback is unlike any binding you've tried before. Being Modular you can easily tune them to your riding style with out the use of tools except to attach them to your board. Changing straps, High backs, Base Plate pads are breeze, add stiffness by upgrading your high back, or reduce that same stiffness by buying a shorter or softer high back, tune the padding for jibbing, canted, or just plain flat. The choice is really yours and Switchback sells you any parts you need at a decent price. One part everyone should try is the "No Back" insert. It frees up the binding to make it feel like surfing! Try these out you can't go wrong, light, strong, reliable, best part is easy to upgrade and custom tune, all without having to carry a binding tool. Thanks Switchback love em!!”